Wings Over the Rockies

September 18, 2020

A three-figure sculpture comprising “Lest We Forget: WWII” was opened to the public at The Wings Over the Rockies Air and Space Museum in Denver. The exhibit also included four original combat drawing by Fredric Arnold which illustrated mistakes made early in the war. These drawings and the sculpture are explained to the public in a 20 minute video loop which accompanies the exhibition and can be seen below.

National WWII Museum Ceremonies

Memorial Day, 2019

Fredric Arnold’s monumental seven year sculpture project culminated in a formal dedication at The National WWII Museum on Memorial Day 2019, one year after his death.

The event was hosted by senior officials of the museum and attended by more than 200 people.  Three consecutive events were held in New Orleans to mark the occasion:

Dedication Ceremony

Sculpture Unveiling

Memorial Service Remarks

We were grateful to the many people who flew to New Orleans to attend the event and hope others will find value in the words of these speakers.  Scroll down to watch short videos of the following presentations:

Dedication Ceremony

Fredric Arnold’s “Lest We Forget: The Mission” monumental sculpture was dedicated by speakers at an event hosted by The National WWII Museum.

Welcoming Remarks Bob Farnsworth, Sr. Vice President, The National WWII Museum

Connections Across Generations Mark Hyatt, Former COO, Wings Over the Rockies Air and Space Museum, Denver, Colorado

Significance of the Monument Marc Arnold, Lest We Forget Sculpture Project

WWII: A Different Perspective David Pottruck, Chairman, Lest We Forget Sculpture Project

Gratitude From a European Point of View Paul Masschelein, CEO Stemme AG, Berlin, Germany

Sculpture Unveiling

Lest We Forget: The Mission was unveiled at the National WWII Museum. Each of the twelve figures was unveiled by the sculptor’s family members. It was a touching event which marked the fulfillment of Fredric Arnold’s vow of seventy years. Click on the link below to view the unveiling ceremony.

Sculpture Unveiling Ceremony Keith Huxen, PhD, Sr. Director of Research and History, The National WWII Museum

Fredric Arnold Memorial Service Remarks

Immediately following the sculpture unveiling, Fredric Arnold’s Memorial Service was conducted to mark the one year anniversary of his passing. Click on the links below to watch addresses delivered by speakers to recognize the man and his works.

Mark Hyatt, Friend

Marc Arnold, Son

Marcie Barkin, Daughter

Dana Schwartz, Daughter

David Pottruck, Friend

Jean Van Camp, Friend

Don Horwitz, Cousin

Vern Gillum, Friend